Premier Pearl, Paralimni, Cyprus
Living in Premier Pearl (Cyprus) means being part of a community of people who share a secure and privileged lifestyle. Rules of Complex for the community provide a means of protecting and maintaining this lifestyle through an acceptable code of conduct by which members are required to adhere to live together, reasonably and harmoniously, without interfering with others’ enjoyment, always intended to the benefit of all.

Respect and general consideration by all members for all other members and all users of Premier Pearl shall be exercised at all times.

These rules have been drafted under the provisions of the Immovable Property Law S.224 and generally good practices applicable to Jointly Owned Properties.
    1. Expenses –
    The owners of all the units shall participate in the expenses that are necessary for the insurance, maintenance, repair, restoration, and management of the jointly-owned property. The proportion of the share of each owner in the expenses shall be based on the area of each unit. If any owner omits or neglects to comply with the requirements of this section, the Management Committee may recover by legal action the sum owed by the non-conforming owner.
  • 2. Reporting –
    The Management Committee shall submit a statement every three months to the owners, which shall state the expenses of the three previous months.
  • 3. Responsibility and contravention of Rules by “others” –
    Any contravention of the Rules by any person who gains access to Premier Pearl under the authorization of an Owner/Resident shall be deemed to be a contravention by that Owner/Resident (“Owner/Resident” means a Purchaser, Member, Resident, Occupant, Co-owner, Corporate Owner, Lessee, Family Member or Invitee).
  • 4. Security is a shared responsibility –
    a. Members must report to the police any suspicious or unlawful occurrence immediately.

    b. Each person having access shall be fully responsible for its proper use. It should be noted that exit/entry movements are recorded on the security computer and are identifiable to an individual.

    c. Accidents (Collisions) on Premier Pearl involving damage to persons or property are incidents reportable to the police. It is the Owner’s/Resident’s responsibility to obtain comprehensive insurance in this regard covering their responsibility.
  • 5. No owner or occupier shall –
    a. Allow or permit the usage of Quad bikes or Buggies in the complex. The entrance of these types of motorised vehicles is strictly prohibited to ensure the safety of the families living in the complex, of the owners, leaseholders, lessees, occupiers, or those who use the individual units/houses.

    b. Drive with a speed throughout the Premier Pearl area over 10 km/h. Pedestrians must be given the right of way on the roads within Premier Pearl.

    c. Operate any vehicle within Premier Pearl unless he or she is the holder of a valid driver’s license. Operating any vehicle in such a manner as to constitute a danger or a nuisance to any other person or property within Premier Pearl is prohibited.

    d. Allow or permit the parking of vehicles in any other area except from the designated parking areas. Any caravan, boat, or trailer must be parked outside the Premier Pearl area. No repairs to or dismantling of any vehicle may be carried out on the Premier Pearl common property except in cases of total breakdown and then only to get the vehicle mobile for removal.

    e. Share the entrance code with unauthorised persons or provide them with access control units.

    f. Place garbage or any other form of littering, anywhere other than in the rubbish containers specifically placed for this purpose outside the complex area. Oil, grease, or fluid must not be allowed to soil any portion of the common property, and should this occur the owner shall be responsible for expeditiously cleaning and removing all traces.

    g. Allow or permit loud music excessive noise or indecent behaviour that results in a disturbance of the occupants of other units.

    h. To avoid situations where drones invade owners'/residents' privacy, flying a drone over Premier Pearl is not allowed. Hovering over private homes could constitute nuisance or harassment charges, as GDPR implies. Everyone must respect the privacy of others.

    i. Use any unit to organise parties, concerts, events, or any other business purpose which may cause disturbance to the other owners.

    j. Permit singing or the playing of any music or mechanical instrument or the use of any gramophone, radio, tape recorder, television, or recording apparatus in such a manner as to disturb any owner, leaseholder, lessee, or occupier of any other unit.

    k. Allow or permit the use of any unit for generally any use which may create noise, bad smell, or other nuisance or which might turn out to be harmful to the health or dangerous for the safety of the owners, leaseholders, lessees, occupiers, or those who use the other units, or which is not appropriate in terms of morals or decent behaviour.

    l. Allow or permit the usage of fireworks. Discharging of any firearm, air gun, or other lethal weapons is strictly prohibited.

    m. Let his/her dog run loose. All dogs must be adequately contained in an area within a resident’s unit. When outside the resident’s unit, dogs must be on a leash and under the control of a responsible person.

    n. Allow or permit the occupants of its house to perform vandalism or damage to the other units or the common-use areas of the complex. The owner will be held personally liable for any damages incurred.

    o. Use any unit for any illegal purpose.

    p. Post up, place, or allow the posting up or placing of any billboard, poster, advertisement, announcement, neon sign, or notice of any kind on any external part of the common use areas.

    q. Possess, store, or use any objects or substances that may disturb the other owners, leaseholders, lessees, occupiers of the units, or the persons who use the units or the neighbors because of the smell, smoke, dust, or soot emerging from or produced by them and in general any flammable or dangerous objects or substances, or do anything which may affect or cancel any fire insurance relating to the complex or increase the premium of such insurance.

    r. Throw in the sink, toilet, basin, bidet, shower, or bath or in the sewage system any compact or useless objects or objects which may block the ducts or pipes, pollute the atmosphere, or from which flammable or dangerous gases may emerge, or throw in the ducts or pipes anything that may cause damage to them.
  • 6. Breach of or failure to comply with the Rules –
    a. Should an owner, by himself or by his lessee, invitee, guest, employee, or occupier of his section, commit a breach of, or not comply with, any of these conduct rules and then fail to remedy such breach or non-compliance after having received a written notice from the Committee to remedy such breach or non-compliance, the Committee shall be entitled to take such actions as are available to it in terms of these rules and the Act.

    b. The Committee may at its discretion impose a reasonable fine as per the Law which will be added to the account of the owner.

    c. Failure by an Owner to comply with any provisions of any rules may result in a request to comply and/or the imposition of a fine or fines and/or an order to pay for any damages resulting from non-compliance with any rule and/or the hand over to the Attorneys of the Committee for the appropriate recovery or legal action and/or the referring of any unresolved matter to arbitration and/or application to the Courts for the enforcement of the rule/s or other action.