News of Premier Pearl, Paralimni, Cyprus

Premier Pearl community is joining the effort to eliminate air quality in Cyprus

Residents of Premier Pearl complex in Paralimni continue to get involved into their community efforts, and this time they are contributing with air quality data to the world's largest air data platform IQAir. The special innovative outdoor air monitoring station is installed near the new Paralimni marina area in March 2023. This is a significant contribution into the world's largest air data platform, covering the East side of Cyprus, in addition to the existing air monitoring station in University of Nicosia.
IQAir station in Paralimni Marina area of Cyprus
The monitoring station provides the data of 8 key parameters of the environmental pollution, including concentrations of up to PM2.5, which has become possible with the latest laser scattering technology. To view the data from this station installed in the Premier Pearl complex online, visit this page of the global monitoring website.

The current index of the clean air is available to millions of users worldwide for free, and can also be viewed through the AirVisual app (iOS, Android), or the United Nations Environment Program here. The global community includes 6,475 cities in 117 countries, regions and territories around the world.
The PM2.5 data is reported in units of micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m3) and utilizes the latest World Health Organization (WHO) annual PM2.5 air quality guideline and interim targets as a framework for data visualization.
With these resources, IQAir endeavours to engage, educate, and inspire governments, researchers, NGOs, companies, and citizens to work together to improve air quality and create healthier communities and cities.